The new way of cooking.

100% grossartig.

2.0 Freisteller

The chefs workbench

The Frankfurter Brett gives you the possibility to directly connect containers to the worksurface, exactly where you need them.
That is not only establishing some order and simplifying the kitchen work, it´s also extending the available worktop - ideal for smaller kitchens

The name was inspired by

"Frankfurt kitchen .


The first kitchen workbench

The Frankfurter Brett is not just a chopping board. It is a really well organizable working place for the kitchen.
You can attach containers  to the chopping board on all sides, dedicate fix places for tools and spices and simply shift chopped food and waste off the board.
Everything you need - right where you need it.

The FRANKFURTER BRETT: The name was inspired by the frankfurt kitchen!



iPad Halter

The new must-have:

The iPad-mount for your chopping board. 100% aktuell.



More than 3100 supporters contributed and made our campaign the most successful crowdfunding campaign for a cutting board of all times. Huge THANK YOU to every single on of you guys!

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1 system - 4 sizes


Will my back hurt? No!



Standard cutting board


Frankfurter Brett


Both pictures overlaying each other

work organized

look good

Workflow 2.0

Cooking with the Frankfurter Brett

Cooking with the Frankfurter Brett feels unfamiliar effortless and after a short while absolutely natural.
Like bicycling when it´s suddenly going slightly downhill.
Like a gentle tailwind. While cooking.
We filmed Johannes cooking for us at a friends place.
It feels actually exactly the way it looks.
Simply fun.


2.0 patentiert Kachel INFO


Due to extensible brackets you can attach containers seamlessly to the working surface.
This both establishes structure and expands the available working surface.



The FRANKFURTER BRETT works with gastronorm containers, the worldwide standard for professionals. Rational, economic and (almost) unbreakable - their advantages are a strong enrichement, also for private kitchens.

2.0 smooth


Collecting container, toolbox or wastebin - the containers fit gapless underneath the worktop, are very quickly exchanged and enable the most simple way of working on a chopping board - straight downwards.



The upper display provides you with quick access to all the things you wish to have in direct surrounding of your working place.
Salt, sugar, spices - everything is always at the same place, exactly where you need it.

2.0 flexibel Info FB


The small brackets divide the broad brackets into smaller segments.
Due to that you can insert two different sizes of containers.

2.1 Cleaning


We designed it to be as easy to clean as possible: Simple wipe off all excess waste from the board into the attached wastebin, scrub down the board with soapy water and dry it with a clean towel. It is that easy. Oil it once in a while.




Joseph (left) is originally a professional caterer, but is now studying produkt design in Offenbach.
Johannes started his career as a master bricklayer, but pursuits now his passion as a chef in the Frankfurter restaurant MARGARETE


product engineering live

One of our first prototypes, entirely made of plastics, is being tested under real conditions for over 16 months in the kitchen of the MARGARETE.

2.0 Prototypen Werkstatt

(non)rapid prototyping

Patience and a lot of handarbeit -  everything that is now being done by machines, we have done by hand before.

Many times.

we therefore know our product down to the tiniest detail.


stove heroes.    cook enthusiasts.

Starred chefs.   structure-junkies.

detail fanatics.     Knife artists.

Handarbeiter.   Gourmets.

For the hardest job - and the greatest hobby.


2.0 M Schmidt

MATTHIAS SCHMIDT | 2 stars Michelin

"I am always being asked in interviews about my favourite kitchen tool. Since I know the Frankfurter Brett, there is only one answer to that: The most beautiful chopping board I have ever seen. Strong and professional, it is a enrichment for the kitchen and an invention which will bring Frankfurt into many kitchens."


BERND FLEMMING, 1 Michelin star, Frankfurter Hof

"This is what I have been waiting for since I have been a professional chef – the Frankfurter Brett is the most intuitive tool I have experienced for optimum workflow in the kitchen."


"The Brett combines the joy of cooking and most compact logistics. It´s a must-have for every equipment freak!"

MARCUS LIEBETHAL, KETAO+ | VEINKOST Cooking school & event location


"The worktop in my small kitchen has never been so tidy. "

"Finally the drama with the loads of different bowls while chopping has come to an end. Cooking is now pure joy!" CARMEN SORGLER, Frankfurt
2.0 M Schmidt II

MATTHIAS SCHMIDT | 2 stars Michelin

"I am always being asked in interviews about my favourite kitchen tool. Since I know the Frankfurter Brett, there is only one answer to that: The most beautiful chopping board I have ever seen. Strong and professional, it is a enrichment for the kitchen and an invention which will bring Frankfurt into many kitchens."

2.0 Jan

"Great idea, great design: Truly innovativ!"

JAN HOFFMAN, Seven Swans, 15 points Gault Millau


Hall of Fame

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