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Dear friends,

so now it's over, our first official beta test, which we looked forward to with such mixed feelings and many fears:

How do you set up such a test to make it meaningful? What if the product is completely torn and we make a fool of ourselves because we have not noticed totally obvious mistakes?

Although we are no longer completely green in some areas of our business, the development of a new product that has no reference products on the market is everything but a banal matter for us.


So much in advance: We have not only been able to answer all functional-technical questions, but now feel confirmed in the product concept and design due to the almost without exception positive feedback and the sometimes remarkably intensive and above all competent examination of our test persons with their prototypes.



Probably the trickiest part of the test phase: The pad is only conditionally suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher, and will officially receive the rating "NOT SUITABLE FOR THE dishwasher".

You may ask: Why are you guys even thinking about putting a cutting pad on the market that must not be put in the dishwasher?

Quite simply: Because otherwise the pad is simply too good NOT to be put on the market - and with some background information & a little caution the pad can be put in the dishwasher.



The Background

The pad consists of the highest quality TPU, a thermoplastic polyurethane, which is normally used in medical technology and must therefore meet the highest demands.

Besides really EXCELLENT cut resistance and best hygienic properties, the material is thermoplastic, i.e. it becomes deformable at a certain temperature.
Dishwashers heat the dishes to around 60-70° Celsius, making the pad yielding and, depending on how it is stored, bulging in the dishwasher.
When the pad cools down, it solidifies in its respective shape: If the pad is deformed by the temperature in the machine and then cools down in the machine, it retains this shape beforehand.

Basically, the pad can already be rinsed in the machine if certain caution is exercised: The pad only needs to be removed warm from the machine immediately after rinsing and has to be laid out flat for cooling, then it stays perfectly in shape.

Good to know:: If the pad has nevertheless deformed, simply put it back into the dishwasher and, as described above, remove it still warm from the machine immediately after rinsing and lay it out flat - the pad is perfectly straight again, even if it was strongly deformed.


For us, however, this limitation was the big sticking point in the run-up to the test: How do the test subjects react to it?

Does this (perhaps only perceived) additional effort leverage the obvious added value of the pad?

We were completely convinced of the other characteristics of the pad and relatively sure of our matter, but we had already invested a whole bunch of money in development and mould construction and with this question the whole project was at stake.

Accordingly, we were nervous about the first test reports, which gradually came in from the testers.

Fortunately, our concern was unfounded: The test results (see below) speak for themselves, especially when it comes to "Hygiene & Cleaning".

In particular, the topic of "dishwasher resistance" has not been raised by almost any tester.

Overall, the pad not only scored excellently in the categories surveyed, most testers probably used it as a kind of universal support for the board, because such a light mat can be cleaned much better than a heavy wooden board.

For example, that the pad is also ideal for baking or rolling dough, as the dough does not stick to the surface even without flour.




CONCLUSION: The BBQ pad is (surprisingly) far advanced from the development stage and we now have the confidence to have the first small series of 2500 pieces produced.

(And yes - of course in anthracite-black only. The white prototypes failed miserably in the test. :)

Accordingly, we ordered the material today, after all 2.2 tons.

While we wait for the material, we rework the injection mould and in about 3 weeks the production starts.



Kind regards from sunny Offenbach,

Joseph, John

& the whole FRANKFURTER BRETT team.






Here are the test results, a few exemplarily selected final statements as well as a few of the unbelievably many pictures that our testers submitted:




"I found the pad to be a real asset. It has proven itself in everyday use and has often reduced the use of other cutting boards. The pad has found its place on our Phoenix." René K.


"The board is already perfect equipment for the kitchen. In my opinion, the pad is an absolute must have. Our friends are all very jealous when they see the board with the pad in our kitchen." Anna A.


"Good product as additional equipment to round off the already good Frankfurt Brett. Protects well against colouring food." Holger F.


"Convincing product which, despite beta status, feels very much like an end product" - Benjamin N.


"Definitely an enrichment and an eye-catcher. I still have a strong tendency towards the black version!" Marcus B.


"A really good cutting surface. Very nice, pleasant to touch material. I would recommend them immediately." Julia H.


"The pad is super and indispensable for any kind of mess in the kitchen. Especially when it comes to meat or coloring food. But in black it would be more stylish and wouldn't look like a product from a medical lab or erotic shop." Christian H.


"An incredible addition to our kitchen!" Martin S.







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> Hygieny overall

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