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OUR FIRST "REAL" Christmas season:


Successful service providers are often booked by successful customers:

In this case, not only our sales increased exponentially from mid-November onwards, but also for all other customers of our warehouse at the same time, and at the latest after the "Black Friday" weekend, it was clear:

Despite the usual careful planning on the part of our logistics partner, the sales volume can no longer be managed – this weekend alone all customers together received around twice as much as planned with more than 35,000 orders.

 As a result, we were also unable to deliver for a short time – in just 5 days, a backlog of around 1200 orders had formed.

So we had to make a choice: Either we explain to increasingly impatient customers on the phone or by e-mail that the packages do not go out in time – or we make sure that the packages go out in time and do not even offer our customers a reason to pick up the phone.

And since we belong to the kind of people who like to work with their hands, we quickly mobilized a small team and while Johannes and Melanie held the position in the office, Joseph went to our warehouse in Witten with a bus full of motivated board packers and packed Frankfurt boards for 2 days - with slight performance difficulties after an evening in Bochum's Bermuda Triangle (drinking shots sometimes is a bad idea...).

And since we not only like to work with our hands, but also enjoy well-running processes and well thought-out solutions, we have filmed how a FRANKFURTER BRETT is packed – here's the cut-out:

Nevertheless, with around 12 employees, it took us a full two days to process the backlog of 1200 boards – it is and remains a small-sized and logistically complex product.

But now we are up to date again and can keep our promised delivery times (if the parcel service providers can keep up with us).

In this way, we would like to apologize sincerely to all our customers, whose orders were affected by the delay – as you can see, we give everything!


We wish you a nice Advent season – outside thick snowflakes are falling from the sky and Offenbach is quiet and white. Utterly beautiful.


All the best,





*At some point in the life of a start-up you have to decide: Do you want to do something yourself and save money, but you have to take care of all the organisational work yourself, or are you looking for a service provider?

In the case of fulfilment – basically the entire logistical part that belongs to every order (packing, shipping, warehousing, etc.) - the decision was not difficult for us:

After we had packed the first 1500 packages on our own when we started the company, we felt quite overwhelmed by the logistical complexity of the fulfillment in general as well as by the specific complexity of our own product (our packaging alone consists of about 12 parts, all of which have to be in stock at all times), we willingly handed over this part of our day-to-day business to a logistics centre near Bochum. The only thing we have regretted since then is the fact that we have not taken this step much earlier. *

By the way, this is a very urgent recommendation to all those who are thinking about starting their own online business: Focus on what only you can do!

Everything else - such as fulfillment, for example - can be excellently handed to a service provider: in order to set up processes that are as efficient as those of a contract logistics provider in-house, it takes several years - a step that is not worthwhile especially in the beginning, and that ties up resources to a large extent that can certainly be used more effectively, for example in marketing.

Contract logistics providers offer low-cost full-service packages even for small sales volumes.

Who would be interested: We are working with VERSANDMANUFAKTUR in Witten - and we are very happy there.





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