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The ideal product combination that complements every Frankfurter Brett.




Our brand new EASY PADS™ 

Flexible cutting pads in various sizes, which can be used easily and without effort for a variety of possible scenarios in everyday kitchen life and which basically have no fixed purpose, but are deliberately kept as open as possible . The pads are surprisingly easy and fun to use and - since the first prototypes are in our show kitchen - have been in continuous use: We are all huge fans her, especially for their impact on the overall hygiene around our office kitchen :)


(The new EASY PADS compliment the original BBQ-Pad and form a whole new product category. The BBQ-Madness Pad is only changing names to N°3, but it is still the same.) 






Actually intended as a small base for the back corner of the board, where garlic & chilli can be cut without the intense aromas settling in the board and causing surprises the next morning when the offspring eats an apple cut in the same place.


During product development, however, we noticed that the small, handy size was an invitation to use the pad all the time: As a scraper for residual amounts, as a small underlay at the dinner table to quickly cut fresh herbs that have been forgotten, or as a tasting mat next to the hob to quickly check the consistency of the food.






Designed as a flexible base to keep sensitive aromas such as pineapple or fruit away from the possibly non-neutral taste of the chopping board in general, our N°2 also shows an unsuspected primary benefit in a practical test: 

It is an ideal size to quickly cut something in between without having to dirty the board and clean it again. 

Put the mat on, chop, put the waste in the attached waste container and put the mat in the dishwasher or rinse it briefly - done.




The ideal supplement for every Frankfurt board, not only when it comes to barbecues, carving and basically any processing of food with a lot of liquid, but also as a universal, easy-to-clean work surface for all kinds of kitchen activities.

Any excess liquid is effectively held by the surrounding juice rim in the pad's borders, and by lifting the pad slightly and folding it along the bottom groove towards the drip edge, excess liquid can be drained directly into the front container.


Like our infamous BBQ MADNESS PAD (now EASY PAD™ - N°3), all pads are made of TPU, a plastic used in medical technology.

TPU is thermoplastic (i.e. it can be deformed by temperature, but also reformed when heated), so please lay down the pads in the dishwasher as straight as possible and do not bend them, and let them cool down laid out flat.


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