19/08/2020 09:00 | Frankfurter Brett |


Since I have a kitchen-living room and the centre of my flat is the kitchen, beautiful kitchen tools are important to me. But they also have to be practical and that's how a friend of mine put me on the cutting board. Since I am the proud owner of the cutting board, I definitely enjoy slicing more, which I did not like to do at all before. Apart from the fact that the cutting board is a feast for the eyes, it is a great tool to work with. The knife glides much easier and better than an ordinary wooden or plastic board. Moreover, everything is always neatly tidied up by the boxes. The surface of the chopping board is completely sufficient, because the sliced material does not stay on it. It has a stable stand, nothing wobbles or slips.

I am happy about it like a little child :-)

19.08.2020 | 09:00  KATJA