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Admittedly, I could be accused of a certain bias.
Nevertheless, here is my experience report - after all, I am first and foremost one thing: an enthusiastic cook.
So enthusiastic that I made cooking my profession 7 years ago. So enthusiastic that not even the daily routine in a professional kitchen could take away my joy.
In advance:The PHOENIX has as much in common with a chopping board as a Rolls Royce has with a soapbox.

At that time, the PHOENIX expanded my concept of a complete kitchen.It has become a new favourite piece in my kitchen. It has become my favourite place, where I always arrive in the evening with a full feeling of satisfaction, because this is where every cooking session begins: Wine bottles are uncorked with friends, vegetables still dripping wet from the sink land on the board, at the tablet the music is started via the SONOS speakers and the evening begins.

The Phoenix serves as a bar and counter, as a cutting board, spice cabinet and toolbox, as a Youtube jukebox for non-cooking assistants and finally it is an eye-catcher that always provides a topic of conversation.I regularly cook for 2-12 people, I like to cook elaborately and I always prefer too much to too little.
I have had an extremely expensive Miele induction hob installed flush with the surface of a stone slab which floats above an old carpenter's workbench.In my kitchen you will find a huge professional cooker hood and a professional sink centre next to a small hand-rinse basin with gold-plated corner valves and fittings.
I have consistently designed the kitchen to be the liveliest and noisiest room in my entire home, the centre of living together - and in the middle of my kitchen is the PHOENIX on a trolley.It meets all the demands I have learned to formulate in my career so far: stable, huge, quick to clean, with a reversible worktop - and it simply looks brutally good.I admit I have a worryingly fanatical attitude to cooking.We made the PHOENIX for people like me.

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