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DEAR BOARD INVENTORS:  Yes, what can I say, one fine day your board appeared in my computer as a so-called "cookie". 

I then informed myself and because I thought it was exciting, I finally ordered the board.
Although Amazon offered a lot of cheap copies and imitators, I finally decided to buy the original and was not disappointed.

I mainly used the board when I invited friends for dinner and had to cut a lot of vegetables and salad. There we both then, the board and I, always have a much admired performance.
But it's also a very noble piece, which has its permanent place in my kitchen now.

I can well understand that young people like to use it for cooking and pottering all the time. I personally don't use it every day for my two-person household and then I handle the board very carefully and gently. Always use the plastic pad you ordered. It is quickly cleaned and protects the beautiful wooden board. The matt metal containers are also a feast for the eyes and put all my other kitchen appliances in the shade.

13.11.2018 | 09:35  Edith