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What can I say - the Frankfurter Brett came, saw and won :-))).

It has been in use several times a day since day one and has been wonderfully integrated from the first moment.

The individual work steps run quickly, efficiently and smoothly, everything has its clear place - everything now takes place on the board instead of everywhere on the worktop.

Above all, snipping lots of vegetables into the containers is really fun ...... no more unpleasant smells ... I am also happy about such details.

The cut surfaces are a fine thing and in daily use, garlic, chilli, onions ... .. the sliced ​​tomatoes + juice ...... I wonder how I did it before.

The board itself has a very nice look and color and is easy to use and maintain.

And another special thing: as soon as the board had moved into the kitchen, there was already a cookbook on the tablet holder and that has not changed since!

I keep getting another cookbook from the shelf, browsing through it and opening the page of the recipe I want to cook next.

So not only the image of our kitchen has changed, but also my behavior - the board with an open book has been in resonance with me every day since then.

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