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The Phoenix has become my favorite item in the kitchen. I've arranged it so I can use all 4 sides with the GN trays. So I really have much more space!
The snipping is fun, it's easy to handle and I cook fresh every day.
The only thing you didn't think of is something. "Smaller people with a small belly, or even big ones ;-)"
For this I bought a 2/8 GN container, which was not easy to find.
I put it in the front, on the right side, so it can be placed closer to the board. This makes the handling much easier. If you stand further away and you are also small, it is really tedious. I use it as a compost bucket", everything goes in there.
The Phoenix is great in terms of workmanship and I find the oak board a very pleasant worktop.
After oiling it always looks like new and is even more fun!
I can really recommend it to everybody.

12.11.2018 | 16:19 Karin


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