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I honestly believe it’s one of the smartest, innovative, simple but sophisticated, top quality, must-have products for the kitchen. I never post comments or reviews unless it’s something I feel everyone should purchase. I’ll continue supporting you and wish you the best of luck!!

I have a Mono, plastic and stainless steel tubs, and two of the rubber mats. It’s absolutely amazing.
I see a lot of comments of why would anyone pay this when I can get one at Target for a few dollars and some that say I can make a board just like it. Let me explain why this one is better. It’s going to be lengthy,
but if you’re interested in the slightest, I’ll tell you why this product is different. And no, I don’t work for them and I wasn’t paid :-D

 I work from home and raise two teenagers and do all the cooking which is my other passion.

It’s definitely not for everyone. If you are a professional cook, or one like me who enjoys making meals that involve time, energy, and prep, this is for you. If your idea of a crazy meal is a grilled cheese and canned tomato soup, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. They know who they’re marketing. It does cost more. It’s heavier, thicker, and definitely provides organization. It’s a long-term investment you’ll be happy with. It allows you to have everything in one place so you can quickly prep your meal without making multiple trips to the fridge and pantry. I definitely recommend the phone/tablet attachment so that it’s angled, easy to see, so you have control of your music or recipe. The rubber mat is amazing for wet items, it keeps the board from soaking and definitely is amazing for cutting meat. If you are interested, I highly recommend the plastic tubs and a set of the steel ones. You will definitely want food scraps and items like onions in the steel for smells. But as for the I can make my own, maybe you can, but not at this level. It’s 110% professional grade, something you’d find in a professional kitchen. It’s one of the items in life that makes you say, it’s a simple concept but why didn’t someone think of this before? Well, we have it now so it’s one of those items that once you have it, it’s a game changer.

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