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I love my Phoenix vom Frankfurter Brett because it automatically teaches me a chef-like discipline in cooking at home. As a passionate cook, I have always found myself doing things in parallel, such as chopping garlic and frying onions. However, this makes the preparation of ingredients and cooking at the same time stressful. 

My phoenix reminds me to do Mise en Place" right. All the ingredients are cleaned, chopped, stirred, dosed and organized before I start cooking, which has eliminated the chaos. With "everything in its place" I don't scribble like a deranged juggler. My approach is now structured. With basic ingredients in the upper gastronorm containers in the display bracket, I bring the prepared food to the right side or to the front containers and the waste to another container at the front for later composting.

The all-sided brackets with different sized containers allow me to customize my setup to my needs. The phoenix has become an integral part of my kitchen. I use it every day and its elegant design makes it a showpiece.
The oak board is durable and easy to maintain or to restore with some sandpaper and oil if there are any cut marks. And I love the BBQ Madness Carving Pad.

I smoke and cook a lot of meat, so draining the juice into a container while I rest or cutting it up not only avoids mess, but also catches all the liquid for a delicious sauce. The pad is also perfect as a mixing desk for cocktails."

 21.03.2019 | 16:54 Simon Baker


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