01/12/2019 03:00 | Frankfurter Brett |





Last but not least - our private little Tradition:
We exchange the film which caters for the right atmosphere on our homepage in the background seasonally:
Now it is time for Christmas, and we had an excellent time filming.
We usually meet Sundays, when the office is quiet and we can work in our show kitchen and try any nonsense that comes to our mind.

We always proceed very spontaneously and largely unplanned, the best things always just happen that way.

This time: 
- Korean Tofu "Schwarzwald", smoked, classic german spice rub
- "Beyond Meat" sausages (try those!) on mashed potatoes with mushroom ragout and jus
- Steamed dumplings with cranberries on saffron paprika reduction with Brussels sprouts.




Here you can see the detailed version, i.e. with our "EXPLANATOR" - this is the internal name of the first 30 seconds of video, in which we explain the principle of the Frankfurter Brett.

It is now the 4th version of the EXPLANATOR, and it is nice to follow the evolution of the same theme over the years:

We are slowly getting a grip on our tools of the trade, because we still shoot our videos ourselves - just as every single picture and every word in our world is produced entirely by ourselves.

We have neither financially strong investors nor global agencies that do our marketing, as we are often accused of.

So it's actually a very nice compliment, even if it's usually not meant that way.
(We take it as such, ätsch.)



In this sense - have fun looking!

(Music: Adam Ben Ezra - Can't stop running. Also a small tradition, because already our first Kickstarter video had this soundtrack.)