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Of knives and tools



Even if we are otherwise big fans of simple tools in the kitchen, the knives from Hohenmoor (forged by hand in Hohenmoor in the far north, hence the name) have had a firm place in our kitchen for years due to their exceptional product and relationship quality.



At first glance, Uli Hennicke's knives appear rough and archaic; only at second glance does the special harmony of the finely adjusted material contrasts open up and reveal the mastery of the design.
The characteristic lines with the bevelled tip as the trademark of the series, the elegant interplay of multilayer blackened and partly untreated steel, smoked bog oak and the small brass clasp:
The archaic nature of the knives also tells us poetically something fundamental about the origin of the knife, and visually you always expect the blade to be still hot from the forge.

These knives are blatant, radical and different, and yet remarkably coherently designed tools.




We can particularly recommend the combination of a large cooking knife Yvo 1/2 with the small Yvo 0: Equipped in this way, you can carry out both rapid cutting work and the most precise operations.




However, our personal favourite (and a great addition for more demanding knife collections) is the Yvo 3: Based on the classic Chinese universal chef's knives, it is large, heavy and incredibly dramatic, but with a little practice it becomes a light-footed and versatile tool, especially for all kinds of vegetables.
The high blade has several qualities: On the one hand, it allows an extremely precise and quiet blade guidance, on the other hand, cuttings can be easily transported on the blade to the pan, and even more power-intensive work (such as splitting pumpkins) goes extremely well by hand.

All knives are available either in the regular version in carbon steel or in the more elaborate version as three-layer steel.
Both versions are not stainless and require a little more care than stainless steel knives. But because they are so extraordinary, one gladly accepts the somewhat higher maintenance effort and finally takes a serious look at the subject of "knife sharpening".




We use an easy-care stainless steel knife in our fast everyday kitchen - but as soon as we cook with more dedication and care, we always use the Hohenmoorer and we are always happy to have the distinctive handle in our hands.


MANUFACTURER: Uli Hennicke, Hohenmoorer Messermanufaktur in Asendorf.


- Not suitable for the dishwasher
- Not stainless
- Always dry the knife between individual operations in order to avoid flash rust #GRUBENTUCHIMMERDABEI
- After use, wipe with a damp cloth, dry thoroughly and rub with a small drop of our KLINGENPFLEGE (or any other vegetable oil).


PLEASE NOTE: The blade contains a lot of iron! Only of limited suitability for use with oak cutting boards, as otherwise the black discolorations typical of oak may occur.




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