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"There they are again, these unique things."


Whenever our carpenter gets hold of a special piece of wood, we produce a strictly limited number of individual pieces. For enthusiasts, eccentrics and all others who, like us, appreciate something special.

Special unique pieces from our MANUFAKTUR EDITION are now available again for the PHOENIX-S series. 14 exquisite worktops made of four different woods - Elm, French Walnut, Satin Walnut and Zebrano. Produced with passion and craftsmanship. All made in Offenbach, a matter of honour.

From the screed to the board | It is no accident that the worktops of our MANUFAKTUR EDITION look so spectacular. Our carpenters take great care to combine the individual parts of the worktops into a harmonious grain. This short film from our Rödermark carpentry workshop, provides an insight into the complex manufacturing process.



As always, this special edition is not available in the shop. It can only be ordered directly from us by e-mail. We assign the worktops chronologically after receiving the reservation requests. The catalogue list of the current Manufaktur Edition and all details of the ordering process can be found in this blog article.



Please note: the worktops shown are individual pieces – you will receive exactly the worktop as it is shown in the picture.










To order a worktop of our MANUFAKTUR EDITION, please proceed as follows.

1. Create your configuration  

- Select desired special worktop: wood type and article number  
- Select temple colour
- Select container set
- Select optional accessories  


2. Place a request

Please send us your request by e-mail to Please include all relevant information in your request: shipping address, billing address and the desired configuration (manually or as screenshot). If desired, please also include an alternative - in case your first choice is already taken. 


3. We check and prepare your order 

We will check your received request. If all details are complete, we will place an order in your name and send you an order confirmation including payment information. Please note that payment is only possible by advance payment, PayPal or credit card.

We will reserve your requested print run for 10 days after sending the order confirmation. If no payment is received within this period, we will release the reserved print run for sale again.


4. We pack and ship your order

As soon as we have received your payment, your order will be released for dispatch, packed and shipped.

Do you have any questions? Please call us - we are happy to help!  +49 69 979 472 13