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New add-ons: Three new basic colours and centring corners


Sometimes you have to set an example to be taken seriously. We have done this from the very beginning with our PHOENIX series and finally brought our vision of the "kitchen workbench" to the market without compromise.

We are still very proud of this today and the PHOENIX as our flagship will always be something special for all of us. Not least because we almost had to file for bankruptcy when the company was launched due to the unexpected complexity of product development. It was only at the last second that the breakthrough came and with it the rescue (all about this in our section ABOUT US).

And so it is a true celebration for us to present the first major PHOENIX upgrade after four years: Two new add-ons are now available in our configurator for the PHOENIX series.



In addition to the well-known anthracite, the PHOENIX base is now available in three additional colour variants – stone grey, Adriatic blue and bottle green.




We have paid particular attention to a functional element that has so far been largely ignored. The centring corners position the support precisely on the base and thus stabilise the entire board.

They are now available in two additional material variants – matt aluminium and brass. For each material there are also three form variants to choose from: Plain, Shell or Stairset. All precision milled in Offenbach.



This creates around 420 possible PHOENIX variants, which can be combined online in our configurator. We have separately staged some of the most exciting configurations and compiled them in a lookbook in the shop.

For all those who already own a PHOENIX or PHOENIX-S: The centring corners are of course also available separately as accessories in our SHOP. If you would like to add a new colour to your PHOENIX base, please send us an e-mail to:


Have fun combining and configuring!

Joseph, Johannes





LOOKBOOK 2020 – The upgrade in pictures





MINIMUM SERIES – Precision work in Offenbach

Our entire PHOENIX series is manufactured to 100% in Offenbach. From A-Z. That in itself is a sensation and only possible because we have an excellent network of highly specialised craftsmen in our direct neighbourhood. Some of these companies even supply the automotive industry and thus have impressive production know-how and high-tech manufacturing facilities.