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Dear friends,

the Frankfurter Brett will be 2 years old and we have taken the occasion of the company’s anniversary to completely revise our website and the corresponding shop system.

After 2 years with our old website it was a real pleasure for us to put all the wild ideas and big plans of the past 24 months into a new website and to position our (happily constantly growing) small company safely for the future.

And as it is with great ideas, concepts and ambitious plans – sometimes they are too ambitious. And with our first “real” Christmas business ahead of us, we have decided to go live with a “light” version and prefer to focus on functioning processes and smooth deliveries rather than rushing concepts to bring unrest into the system.


That’s why the new website still feels a bit empty for us in the first weeks, but hopefully this is due to the fact that we know what’s missing. 

Of course we didn’t miss to celebrate our relaunch of the website with some very exciting new products. All innovations are presented in detail in the article below.

We also present the concept of the BRETT-WELT, our concept for our own cooking blog, which – you have guessed it already – was not finished in time for the relaunch and therefore so far only accommodates this article.

But we’ve already finished the kitchen that is part of the blog, which has become so sensational that we’ll have to make a blog entry of our own later on, so there’s only a small teaser below.

And then a few weeks ago there was the moment when we realized: We are no longer a super small start-up company, with a team of 5 that are now sitting here in our office, taking care of the interests of our company which has become such a solid and joyful foundation for all of us.

All of this feels incredibly good and right and we are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to also survive the next two years and continue to do as many exciting things as before. But everything might be a little more organized and with less adrenaline.

The two-year company anniversary is also an excellent occasion to thank all our customers – old or new – from the bottom of our hearts:

Thank you for the countless lovely encounters in customer service, that even after 2 years we can still do our jobs with so much fun; Thank you for your patience with us and our often optimizable processes; Thank you for the enthusiasm, which is shown to us every day and last but not least: Thank you for more than 12,000 Frankfurter Bretter sold!

With our new page & conceptual reorientation we feel – despite our anniversary – like we are back at the very beginning. A truly remarkable feeling!

Have fun reading and browsing through our new website!

Greetings from Offenbach,
Joseph, Johannes, Lisa, Lukas & Melanie


P.S.: Of course we are interested in your opinion: How do you experience our new online presence? Did you expect something else? Are we on the wrong note? Or are we already doing everything right? In each of these cases we would be pleased to hear from you via

P.P.S. Although we have experienced some very exciting moments in our company’s history – when the website went live, we were all nervous as hell.

Fortunately, our nervousness was unfounded, because everything worked perfectly smoothly, not at least due to the great support of the agency which supervised our project and implemented our concept and design super professionally.

Many thanks to Christian and the great boys & girls at BIEDERMANN UND BRANDSTIFT!




Sometime in spring it became clear: We need a new website! Although our old website has served us well and we really have grown fond of it, in the end we didn’t have the feeling that it really conveys how relevant and useful our boards are in everyday life, nor how much effort and work is put into most of the details.

And last but not least – we were fed up with our own pictures and videos at some point and could only see how to do it better: Usually a very good reason to start.



So this summer we made the decision to start the project and so that we have time for other things as well, we teamed up with an agency to implement the project together with us.

That was the clever plan – but none of the people involved had really seen what a mammoth project we were about to kick off … it’s only 4 kinds of cutting boards, right?

About 4 months later – after countless hours of work, photo sessions, video shoots, sleepless nights, endless discussions about every conceivable detail and yet a beautiful summer – we went live with “only” 6 weeks delay with a website that everyone involved is really proud of.

Mind you – although we didn't even begin to do what we set out to do and this is just a “light” version for the time being.



And what looks (hopefully) like an uncomplicated, happy and at best entertaining website with a few blog entries on the subject of cutting board cleaning and working zones that are too much in love with detail, is probably the most demanding project we have ever implemented:

Much of the work has gone into the processes behind the scenes – a part that is at best completely invisible to our customers and which is only noticeable in an optimal way in a punctual delivery and a friendly customer service, but which has simply meant for us to transform our entire “organically grown” start-up chaos into a professional fulfillment. To do this, we first had to work through all our interdependencies in such a way that an external agency could understand and work with them.

As we as designers and chefs are – we have much more beautiful pictures and delicious recipes in mind than efficient logistical processes. At the beginning, we were thus reluctantly opposed to the additional effort involved in feeding a modern shop system with all the necessary information. 

In retrospect, this internal cleaning up was an immensely important clarification process, which not only brought our own understanding of our business forward by light years, but also finally gives us the feeling of being able to breathe freely again, because we now understand every millimetre of our daily business and can still say:

Not so stupid, actually.



After we had made some designs, it turned out quite quickly: The communication on our old homepage was actually pretty much on the point and should therefore be kept if possible.

Over the years of constant communication over the boards, however, a multitude of stories, details and useful information accumulate, which are of essential importance for the overall understanding of the Frankfurt Board in general and of each individual board variant, but which we were not able to integrate conclusively into the communication with the old website and which therefore remained largely untold to this day.

And that was the most important thing for us: The new website was supposed to allow us to be able to tell every little detail about our boards, and for this we now have a multitude of different elements in use – from mood videos, texts and picture galleries to interactive elements that need to be explored – complemented by two new menu items:



Our reservoir for all questions around the board: be it cleaning, care, correct classification of the work zones or rhetorical debauchery about the advantages of wood over plastic – after more than 4 years of confrontation, we feel that every facet of the astonishingly productive topic "cutting board" has something to say about most aspects: In the BRETT-WIKI we collect all the information we find relevant and answer frequently asked questions.



But the actual heart of this new site should be the “BRETT-WELT” section, where at this point in time only THIS editorial can be found – because we have simply underestimated how much work it takes to create a blog, because this is exactly what the BRETT-WELT is supposed to be:


A blog around the Frankfurter Brett & cooking, with recipes, tips & tricks from the professional kitchen and maybe also as a kind of logbook about what's going on in our small company and what we’re up to.

Now it is of course justifiable to ask whether the world really needs another cooking blog, especially if it is also a “commercial” company blog – of course we have ambitious goals here, too:

For several years, we have cooked our own menu evenings together in various Frankfurt restaurants and thus developed an independent culinary signature, which is now composed of some very remarkable dishes (and also stories!) and hopefully forms a solid basis for an interesting cooking blog.

In addition, we are simply very passionate and above all curious eaters – so we want to use the blog for our own culinary development in a very selfish way and to document our experiences in the blog and perhaps inspire our readers/customers with one or two stories and experiences.

But before we get ahead of ourselves: As with everything we do, it must feel good and be fun – we allow ourselves the freedom to do everything differently than planned.

We'll see!


In order to be able to produce high-quality content for the blog, an authentically high quality setting is of course required.

To this end, we have invested around half of our marketing budget for 2017 (yes, we also have a marketing budget by now) in a kitchen.

Of course not any ordinary kitchen, but OUR kitchen – down to the very last detail, just as we have imagined the kitchen as a living space for so long, but have never found it with any kitchen builder:


We will dedicate a blog entry to this remarkable kitchen at a later date and present the many nice details.

But who is already curious:

All the videos on our homepage were shot there – so if you want to watch all the Mood videos in a row, you should get a quite comprehensive picture of the kitchen.

(Particularly the very first few seconds of the background video on the start page show the kitchen as a whole: 2 days after completion and still relatively "clean" - meanwhile the kitchen has of course already developed quite a lot – as it always is.



And last but not least, of course, we wanted to improve the actual shopping experience – you don't have to be a marketing genius when it comes to statements like “You're not sure until the end whether you actually get the board” or “Why is it so complicated?” to understand that there was a lot of work to optimize our old shop.

And the best thing about our boards is that you can actually put together "your" board to your heart's content – wood type, bracket colour, container set & accessories.

And so we have put together our new configurator, which guides our customers through the purchasing process in 2-3 consecutive steps and simplifies the selection process by means of large pictures and then transfers the whole thing into an orderly and familiar check-out process.

SELF-CRITICS – Status 22.11.2017:

We have underestimated how powerfully known patterns are when it comes to which button or buttons are perceived to be the right ones, so here is a quick reference guide on how to use the configurator correctly until we come up with a clever solution:



(Super unprofessional attitude from our side, but what a relief) :)



The new concept (SHOP, BRETT-WIKI, BRETT-WELT) has of course become more serious, somewhat more professional and also a bit smoother – hopefully in the sense of "less obstacles" and less avoidable barriers; but on the whole we have the feeling that we have managed to present the Frankfurter Brett – as a quite complex product concept with its many aspects and technical details – in its actual everyday relevance as a kitchen tool and of course as a well designed product.

 We will gradually add and upload the missing parts of the website, and as soon as the first 5 recipes are ready, we will finally go live with the BRETT WORLD – if everything goes as we imagine it.

If you want to keep up to date with what's going on in our company, just sign up with our newsletter (at the bottom of the homepage) and we'll try to keep a reasonable frequency of updates, but in case of doubt we'll try to keep it less than more.

And now … last but not least:




And what would a new website be without new products?

We’ve added a whole series of new features to our program – and it’s so damn exciting to finally be able to talk about it!

Curtains up:


With our basics we have become a little bit more "mass-suitable" – a good reason to give our Phoenix series a decent portion of drama and to make our portfolio even more exclusive and opulent.



Who would have thought that 10mm would make such a difference – but in this case it's hard to deny: No one can pass by a Phoenix with one of our new 40mm editions without briefly pausing and stroking over the wood... the two new stars among the standard work tops look that good. (Available for both the large Phoenix and the Phoenix-S)

Either in the traditional chessboard look with the square-bonded blocks in the oak finish or with our Signature Bamboo, in which the lamella packs are glued in an offset pattern to each other to create this very remarkable look.

(Well to know: In the front wood the wood fibres run vertically, in contrast to the horizontal alignment in the normal glued wood. This has the advantage that the knife blade cuts between the wood fibres and doesn't have to cut the fibres at every cut – this protects the blade and cutting board & looks great, but it is a little more maintenance-intensive and initially swallows large amounts of oil, but also has a longer lifespan than normal glued wood).



Originally only for his own use, our carpenter had built a Phoenix worktop from an olive wood plank and showed it to us - and all those present were visibly moved by the beauty of the worktop.

Unfortunately, such planks are rare and very expensive, which is why they are not suitable for serial production in the first step, because only very few pieces can be obtained from them - but in the next step the idea arose to make a concept out of that very fact:

Whenever our carpenter gets his hands on a slab of special wood, possibly with a good story behind it, we build a small edition of strictly limited single pieces - for lovers, eccentric and all those who are looking for something very special.

For the relaunch we have Yew, Zebrano, Olive and French Walnut in our program – and we are very satisfied with the response after the first week, and the small series are already sold out again.


But don't worry – we are already working on something new.



We received so many requests from customers, whether the Mono will soon be available in Walnut, that we had to fight hard to wait for the relaunch of the website.

That's why we are now all the more pleased to finally be able to officially present it – VOILA!


Like the colleagues made from oak and bamboo, the Mono walnut is also composed of three cross-glued, individually milled layers and only then finished. This makes it sensationally stable and distortion-proof.




And since we are so enthusiastic about the bamboo end grain wood, we have of course also built a basic version directly from it:


(Before you guys ask for a mono in bamboo endgrain wood as well: Endgrain wood must be at least 40mm thick, otherwise the glued joints are too unstable and tend to break. However, as the mono consists of 3 layers glued crosswise as described above, it is constructively impossible to use end grain wood for this.



We must confess: It is an almost childish pleasure for us to offer adult people tuning articles in neon colours for their kitchen boards – here you go:


But before you do away with it as a knick-knack, you should give it a go: the neon-coloured highlight at the back of the board is aesthetically justifiable and looks extremely cool, especially in combination with warm wood tones such as oak.


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