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THE Alpha Olive SerieS 

by Güde




Admittedly, Solingen knives have a good reputation, but are often anything but exciting and in some cases even remarkably insensitive when it comes to design and material combinations.

A pleasant exception is the Alpha series from the traditional company Güde, which with its traditional design, sensitive material combination and highest manufacturing quality is probably like no other series the epitome of the "German kitchen knife" and yet due to the uncanny balanced design appears timeless, filigree and modern.

Common to all knives is the beautifully shaped handle with the elegantly guided lines and the triple riveted handle plates made of luminous olive wood.
Depending on the type of knife, the size and weight of the handle varies, giving each knife a distinct character. The proportions, which remain the same, skilfully underline the unity of the individual knives.
A special highlight is certainly the eye-catching decorative rivet with the Güde palm logo in the middle of the grip, and we have to admit: It's just the very right detail in the very right place - striking branding.

In general, the knives of the Alpha series are characterized by their balanced overall impression and the skilfully balanced contrasts:
The archetypal traditional shape meets modern and cleanly crafted stainless steel, the lightness of the material combination meets solid weight and the simple, functional look is complemented by the outstanding quality of the craftsmanship.



All Güde knives are drop forged the old style and go through around 50 purely manual steps - despite their modern appearance, the Alpha knives are traditional manufactured goods in the best sense of the word.
The exclusively manual production can be seen in many small details: sometimes one line is not perfectly connected to the other, sometimes a transition is not completely symmetrically smoothed.
However, the knives are so flawlessly crafted that these small manufacturing details rather emphasize the outstanding quality of the knives and make the skilled craftsmanship really noticeable.


From the quite extensive series, however, we have selected only about half of the knives for our portfolio, because the differences and the special added value beyond that becomes rather spongy.

Here is our detailed introduction:


X805/21cm: Chef's knife large
Heavy chefs knife with long 21cm blade, hand filling handle and solid knob, balanced on the front rivet.
Very solid feel, ideal for rough, powerful kitchen work and larger quantities.



X805/16cm: Chef's knife medium
Medium sized working knife with stable 16cm blade, also balanced on the front handle rivet.
Solid hand feeling, but at the same time more manoeuvrable. Great all purpose tool.


X764/08 o. 13cm Larding knife
Small cutting tools with filigree handle for cutting small pieces.
Weight balanced slightly further towards the middle handle rivets.


X703/06 Peeling knife
One of our favorites: The small peeling knife with the curved blade is simply a great all-purpose knife for delicate work.


X840/18 Chin. Chef's knife
Classic vegetable knife based on the Chinese model. The handling has to be learned, but it is worth it.
The handle is surprisingly slim in relation to the blade, which is irritating at first, but allows for a more detailed cut while working and doesn't tempt you to misuse it as a cleaver.


X430/21 cm bread knife
Remarkable anecdote: The famous hollow edge grinding method was developed by Franz Güde - now the worldwide standard for bread knives.


X055/26 cm sharpening rod
Surprising: The sharpening rod is well among the the most beautiful pieces of the entire series.




Our starter set for the ambitious hobby chef:
1 x peeling knife
1 x Chinese chef's knife
1 x Chef's knife medium
1 x pit cloth blue

Functionally complete kitchen kit:
1 x peeling knife
1 x Chinese chef's knife
1 x Chef's knife medium
1 x sharpening rod
1 x Signature kitchen towel
3 x pit cloths blue
1 x wood oil 25ml


- Not dishwasher safe (like all knives)
- Before cooking, ideally pull off briefly with a sharpening rod.
- occasionally immerse the wooden handle in wood oil, leave to soak in for 30 minutes and polish with a cloth

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