Frankfurter Brett


The small one.

compact. efficient. powerful.

If space matters: The MINI is the ideal tool for small kitchens, where cooking can easily become a logistic nightmare. It provides almost the same effective workflow like the bigger versions with only half the size. So, if space matters, the MINI efficiently structures the work flow and halves the logistic effort needed. With its compact shape and the distinctive mix of materials it looks simply gorgeous, which also makes it a fancy piece of equipment for every ambitious barkeeper.


The MINI is smaller and also uses smaller container-sizes. Its frontsides offers space for two containers, either medium or small, and you can attach just one container to just one side. With its weight of roughly 3kg its highly mobile and can easily be stored away.


Made in Germany


The MONO is compatible to the following container sizes:

FRONT: 2x 1/6 GN or 2x 1/9 GN or 1x 1/6 GN and 1x 1/9 (any depth)
SIDES: 1x 1/6 GN or 1x 1/9 GN (any depth)
DISPLAY: 1/3 | 1/6 | 1/9 GN (max. 65mm depth)

Never worked with GN (the gastronorm)?
We assembled a starter-set to give you a easy and quick start:
(if you are missing something, you can also easily order single additional containers)