Frankfurter Brett



uNcomprimising. robust. unique.

First of all: If you are not worryingly fanatic about cooking, then the PHOENIX is just oversized for you. Seriously.

If you are worryingly fanatic about cooking:

The PHOENIX is your UPGRADE. Our ultra perfomance tool.

More a multi purpose kitchen workbench then a cutting board it is an extremely specialised tool for all the small, worthwile details of the kitchen work. You will gracefully and unburdened master even highly complex menues. For a lifetime.

The Phoenix is the idea of the Frankfurter Brett in its most uncompromised shape.

With its generous dimensions, the practical two level design, simplest cleaning , exchangeable chopping boards, integrated non-slip silicone feet, our innovative groove and joint system and solid 6mm steel-brackets the Phoenix is offering such comforting working conditions that you will never want to miss them again.
Its materials rough, industrial aesthetics make the PHOENIX smoothly accomplish every ambitious kitchen interior.

Chopping boards


The PHOENIX-serie has the actual chopping board resting on the base, holding the brackets.

That not only simplifies cleaning, you can also independently flip the board over, to use both sides or even use different chopping boards for different purposes.

We are manufacturing chopping boards in different types of wood and also in black plastic, for use in professional kitchens.
All chopping boards are glued, formatted and finished per hand and shaped with cnc-mills.

2.0 Ahorn


Maple distinguishes itself by its dense, almost white wood and the sleek surface, with only very little grain. Great match for modern, minimalistic kitchens.
2.0 Kirsche


A wonderful smooth and dense wood, with a noble and expressive grain and a deep colour.
2.0 Worktop Bambus 1


One of the hardest woods available, and one of the most eco-friendly ones. It is glued in thin lamellars, which results in a unique aesthetic on the sides.
2.0 worktop eiche


The firm and cool wood of the oak is very popular with carpenters. Its high natural concentraion of tannic acids gives it a strong antibacterial effect. Oak changes color to black at the spots where it gets in touch with iron containing tools, like some knifes or other tools. This makes the FRANKFURTER BRETT turn even more explicitely into a unique item, marked by its life in your kitchen.
2.0 worktop plastik

HDPE black

THis worktop is made from black plastic and is dishwasher-proof, which makes it suitable even for professional use. A chopping board canĀ“t look more impressive than this one.

the base- 100% NON SLIP.

The base is a handcrafted frame made from slate grey, high end polyurethane, poured in aluminium moulds, blasted with glass beads and oiled by hand.

Each cast is a tremendous time and labour intense procedure, as the mould consists of almost 30 loose parts, which need to be assembled and reassembled every time.

Due to the high level of Handarbeit, no frame is exactly like the other, sporting little marks of its production.

Embedded silicone rings underneath guarantee a remarkable degree of steadfastness.

The worktops simply sit on top of the frame, securely held in position through a groove and joint system.

2.0 Eckverbindung Info DUO


The worktops connect to the sublevel through our innovative self-positioning "groove and tongue" joint system

Made in Germany.

The PHOENIX (and all other models) are completely made in germany.
The base is being cast in Rodgau, the brackets are cnc-bent and powdercoated in Oberfranken and the chopping boards are milled, handfinished and oiled in Frankfurt.
Assembly and packaging is being done in Offenbach. By us.



The PHOENIX is compatible with the following container-sizes:

FRONT: 1x 1/3 GN and 1x 1/6 GN or 3x 1/6 GN (any depth)

SIDES: 1x 1/3 GN or 2x 1/6 GN (any depth)

DISPLAY: 1/3 | 1/6 | 1/9 GN (max. 100mm depth)

Never worked with GN (the gastronorm)?

We assembled a starter-set to give you a easy and quick start:
(if you are missing something, you can also easily order single additional containers)